XNA Asteroid Game

Managed to get a small game made with the grid I was experimenting with. Though some performance issues did occur with the grid, so the node count had to be downsized. A better approach would have been to use a tessellation  shader to manage the grid.

The game is a simple asteroid style game with the player having the ability to send out pulses that can effect other game objects. So he can push enemies away if they get too close, hurl a boulder at an enemy to kill them, or speed up the travel of your own bullets. To make this more important i made the bullets initially quite slow and gave the enemies some basic AI to dodge them.


I kept the graphics quite simple, as to not get too tied down by them. And gave all the game objects the ability to create pulses on the grid to give a nice visual effect. The video below is a little low quality because of the software and my PC, but shows enough of the game.


XNA Grid

I have been experimenting with the XNA library and have been making a geometry style grid to use in a game. The grid is made of nodes that use Hooke’s law. Below is a video showing some basic pulses on the grid and how they interact.