Hex World Flying Book

I needed an enemy for hex world, and being a big fan of terry Pratchett’s disc world I made some sentient books. I have never animated something before, so for a reference I watched some videos of the flying book Cheato from Banjo Kazooie.

Using this as a reference I made some key frames for the floating animation for the book. Though the attacking and charging animations I had to make without a reference.



Microsoft Imagine Cup

Hex World has been a lot of fun to develop, and have decided that I am going to enter it into the imagine cup. This is my last year in Uni so it will be my last chance to be eligible to enter, I’ve also brought on 3 other programmers to help with the development during the competition. The imagine cup is a Microsoft hosted global competition, if we are able to win the UK nationals then we can enter into the global finals.


Our team page for the Imagine Cup is linked below.