Hex World World Shifting

I’ve needed to create some better systems to manage world shifting in the game. And have managed to do so with a system that buries all the back ground code made to communicate with the world manager in an abstract world shifter class object.

Here is a video showing 3 kinds of world shifters I have made with this system. The first is a sphere shifter, second a volume shifter,  and the third is a pulse shifter.


Hex World New Tiles

I’ve gotten a little tired of how uniform the whole world looks with these perfect tiles. I want to create a tile system that will better reflect the environment you are in. If you are in a grassy field then you should not be getting tiles that are perfect in shape, but a little jagged.  But if you are inside of a house you may want perfectly shaped tiles.

So I need to create a procedural system that can create tiles as jagged as I want them for a scene, while still keeping all the tiles perfectly interlocked. In order for me to do this I shift each vertex within a certain sized circle based on how jagged I want the hexagon. Then make sure that any other hexagons who share vertex positions apply the exact same offset.

hextile offsetting

The application of this new procedural approach worked really well, letting me have complete control over how the tiles are formed and creating a nicer aesthetic for more natural environments. Below are some tile generations at no offset, some offset, and max offset.

Hex World Texturing

I’ve been sorting out some texturing for the tiles in the game so that the world is not so plain to work with. I’ve gone with a very vibrant style to the colour planet, and have laid out the textures to define a texture for the top of the tile, the edge of the tile, and the body of the tile. Some nice images below show off some of the texturing the world.

HexWorldTerrainGrassGreenHexWorldTerrainGrassRedHexWorldTerrainGrassPurplecropped-12779005_1570102789978520_8293835463719252772_o1.jpghexworld floating tilesHexWorldSandHexWorldWoodPlank