New World Manager

Some progress on the new world manager for Hex World. Allowing me to dynamically load in world chunks to allow for the support of significantly larger levels. Hopefully this can be done in time for the imagine cup world finals. The recording software is twitchy as all hell and slow as shit, so it is all better than it appears, still not where it needs to be though. Refactor, rework, refactor etc etc.

Here is a video of the chunk loader set to load a tile per frame, slowing it down and visualising what it is doing. In the above video the chunk loader was set to create half a chunks tiles per frame. This whole thing may need some threading at some point, but getting threading to work with unity requires a certain level of self hatred to put your self through that hell. In other words expect that soon.

Image below of a 128 x 128 chunk world (16384 total chunks) in reference to the player and his total loaded space,which is a 4 x 5 chunk space. So yeah, way more space.

128 x 128


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