Got a job!

Got a job at TT games working on the Lego world, should be cool to study and work on, since i like worlds that work in weird ways. Got graduation coming up, and the Imagine cup in a few weeks, shit is getting busy. My contract is likely going to keep me from working on my own stuff, so dead air until then.


Procedural Hex World

Some early stages of procedural generation in Hex world. I’m using Manhattan distance with voronoi to define biome borders. At the moment I have fields, deserts, and swamps in the world being generated with different terrain. This is still early stages, but an interesting test. The recording software im using is still a piece of crap, so expect stuttering.

Ultimately the procedural gen is looking cool, but is bogged down by that whole entropy thing that follows it like a curse, 100 million ways to make the same bloody thing.