Hey welcome to my blog. My name is Riccardo DeLuca, I’m a game developer from the UK. At the moment I am working at TT games on a one year contract. My blog is mainly about my own personal projects, and some stuff from my uni days. I’ve been gaming since as long as I could hold a controller, favorite game is shadow of the colossus (greatest love story told, also agro>epona), and now i want to make them, but more importantly i want to make my own. Nothing beats coding 12 hours straight struggling through the tangled, unending mess that is your own code. This is what this blog is all about, one simple process. Wake>Make cool shit>Sleep>Repeat. feel free to contact me for whatever reason.

If you want to learn more about me from a more professional point of view then please visit my LinkedIn account or read the additional information below.

LinkedIn Account

Computing Skills

Programming Languages: 

Proficient: C++, C#, GLSL, HLSL, Blueprint Visual Scripting

Familiar: C, Lua, Python, Java, Shader Lab, XML

Libraries: DirectX11, glew, GLFW, freeglut, OpenCL, SFML, XNA

Programs: Visual Studios, Mono behaviour, Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, Visio, Android Studio, Source Tree, game maker, Photoshop

Source Control: Bit bucket, GitHub


Course: MComp Computer Games Development
University: University of South Wales (2012 – 2016)
Degree Classification: Distinction (obtained 79% of credits in my final year)

Dissertation: The Implementation of Procedurally Generated Spherical Worlds in Game Design