Asteroid Game

This is a small game I coded in C# with the XNA library during my second year of university. The game it self is an asteroid style game that utilises a grid similar to that of the game Geometry wars to add to the visual effects. The player can shoot slow moving projectiles, but can also create a pulse that can speed up or redirect these projectiles. The player can also use this pulse to push back enemies or turns asteroids into weapons by throwing them at enemies.

The grid in the back ground makes use of Hooke’s law to simulate spring physics on the grid. The grid itself is made up of nodes that connect together to form the grid and are what make use of Hooke’s law to create the visual effect, as these nodes can be interacted with by forces to knock them off there unique point of origin.

Every object in the game is given the ability to create forces to manipulate the grid. Large comets and enemy spawners can actually distort the grid so much that it temporarily rips.

Enemies are also given some basic AI to dodge projectiles, meaning that if the bullets are too slow then the enemy can move around them to dodge. This makes it important for the player to utilise the pulse to speed the projectiles up so that they cannot be dodged.