Hex World New Tiles

I’ve gotten a little tired of how uniform the whole world looks with these perfect tiles. I want to create a tile system that will better reflect the environment you are in. If you are in a grassy field then you should not be getting tiles that are perfect in shape, but a little jagged.  But if you are inside of a house you may want perfectly shaped tiles.

So I need to create a procedural system that can create tiles as jagged as I want them for a scene, while still keeping all the tiles perfectly interlocked. In order for me to do this I shift each vertex within a certain sized circle based on how jagged I want the hexagon. Then make sure that any other hexagons who share vertex positions apply the exact same offset.

hextile offsetting

The application of this new procedural approach worked really well, letting me have complete control over how the tiles are formed and creating a nicer aesthetic for more natural environments. Below are some tile generations at no offset, some offset, and max offset.


Hex World Texturing

I’ve been sorting out some texturing for the tiles in the game so that the world is not so plain to work with. I’ve gone with a very vibrant style to the colour planet, and have laid out the textures to define a texture for the top of the tile, the edge of the tile, and the body of the tile. Some nice images below show off some of the texturing the world.

HexWorldTerrainGrassGreenHexWorldTerrainGrassRedHexWorldTerrainGrassPurplecropped-12779005_1570102789978520_8293835463719252772_o1.jpghexworld floating tilesHexWorldSandHexWorldWoodPlank

Hex World Flying Book

I needed an enemy for hex world, and being a big fan of terry Pratchett’s disc world I made some sentient books. I have never animated something before, so for a reference I watched some videos of the flying book Cheato from Banjo Kazooie.

Using this as a reference I made some key frames for the floating animation for the book. Though the attacking and charging animations I had to make without a reference.


AirShip, AI and Physics

I was having some fun with 3DS Max and created an air ship. I’ve been spending the past weeks getting it flying in the Unreal engine, and getting some basic AI to see if I can get it to navigate in 3D space.

I used to play a lot of Garry’s mod when I was younger. Whenever you wanted to make something fly you would give it hover balls to lift it at certain points. This whole thing reminded me a lot of the buoyancy spheres I used when creating my ocean, except in reverse. So I created a hover ball game objects that would split the weight of the object among them and then apply equal force to get them the object to float perfectly on the spot. This was way more successful than I original thought it would be and I was even able to split the distribution of force among them to create a sort of procedural animation. I also stuck some fans onto the airship that would speed up or slow down depending on the amount of force being applied to its respective hover ball.

I also had to sort out some AI for the cannons on the side of the airship. This was harder than I thought it would be, but proved an interesting math puzzle. In the end I got it to aim perfectly at the target regardless of the turrets orientation.

Lastly I got some AI onto the airship to get it to follow patrol points, attack the player, or flee. The end result was really cool, as the airship would instinctively perform a 3 point turn to turn around. This was because instead of having the AI move the ship, it moves a virtual joystick that moves the ship. Creating a more natural and less clunky movement system. The video below shows me setting up a patrol route and letting the airship navigate it.


Maigo and Konan

I designed 2 characters today, one is a paper boy called Maigo, the other is a paper girl called Konan. I would love to do something with these characters at some point, something along the lines of a split screen couch coop game with an Ico feel to it all. With each player needing to depend on one another, and have abilities the other does not, a little like brothers a tale of two sons. Something like having the boy us his hat to protect both of them from the rain that would damage them because they are paper, meaning Konan would need Maigo to provide shelter.


Been a while since I have worked with 3DSMAX, or done much drawing. So I designed this guy here, he is sort of a character i designed to populate multiple npcs in a location. By giving them different faces or fabrics for there body.


Modeled him into 3DS max and set up a good rig. Decided to customly construct the bone structure so i could add some bones into his ears. Turned out pretty well, might have some use for this at some point.

Also designed this hay enemy, came out a slightly creepy, could be really fun to model and rig.


XNA Asteroid Game

Managed to get a small game made with the grid I was experimenting with. Though some performance issues did occur with the grid, so the node count had to be downsized. A better approach would have been to use a tessellation  shader to manage the grid.

The game is a simple asteroid style game with the player having the ability to send out pulses that can effect other game objects. So he can push enemies away if they get too close, hurl a boulder at an enemy to kill them, or speed up the travel of your own bullets. To make this more important i made the bullets initially quite slow and gave the enemies some basic AI to dodge them.


I kept the graphics quite simple, as to not get too tied down by them. And gave all the game objects the ability to create pulses on the grid to give a nice visual effect. The video below is a little low quality because of the software and my PC, but shows enough of the game.

XNA Grid

I have been experimenting with the XNA library and have been making a geometry style grid to use in a game. The grid is made of nodes that use Hooke’s law. Below is a video showing some basic pulses on the grid and how they interact.

Old Unreal Tournament Level

I was digging through my old USB and found my old Unreal Tournament 3 level I made years ago. I love making levels in games, and loved this game to death. Though it would be cool to post some level images here. The level I made was built for the scavenger vehicle, with a nice Japanese style village. I also got some Majora’s Mask references in there, with a working clock tower that ticks around and spawns a vehicle after a full rotation of the clock face. Download link below for .ut3 and .upk files.