Editor Tools

Due to the terrain for Hex World being so unusual a series of tools had be created in order to be able to build levels. As everything has be managed correctly within the world manager hierarchy.

The page explaining the world manager is here

Tools were made in 2 ways. The first way was through scripts that could execute within edit mode. Using these I could attach a script for a tool to a part of the world manager, or a a world stack, and execute the script to perform a function that directly interacts with a certain script. While other tools were made by inheriting from Unity’s Editor Window class, which allows access to function that provide information about interactions with the editor scene. Using these 2 methods I was able to create the following tools.

Sculptor Tool – Allows the user to add or remove tiles by clicking on the terrain.

Fill Tool – Fill the terrain with a specific tile type up to a set height.

Replace Tool – Change a tile type on the terrain from one type to another.

Replace Tool Click – Change the tile you clicked on to a set tile type.

Chunk Subtract – Change the amount of chunks within terrain by subtracting.

Chunk Adder- Change the amount of chunks within terrain by adding.

Volume Brush Tool – Use a cube to add or subtract tiles.

Reset Tool – Reset the terrain by deleting all tiles and setting a new chunk resolution.

Tile Mesh Tool – Allows control over the procedural tiles on the terrain. Allowing for there resolution generation to be changed, as well as the offset strength to there jagged generation. More info on tile creation can be found by following the link below.

Link to page explaining tile factory generation

Below are a series of maps that I created by using these tools. These were also the levels we demonstrated at the Microsoft Imagine Cup UK finals.

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The code for these Tools can be downloaded from the code listing page under the Hex World project files. These files are located within Assets >> Scripts >> World Tile Manager >> Editor Tools or Assets >> Editor.