Hex World

Hex World is a game I designed and started developing in August 2015. I find the world of games fascinating from a mechanical point of view, and believe that if you can make changes to the way a games world functions and exists then you can create interesting game mechanics that otherwise could not be possible in more traditional gaming worlds. This is what I wanted to achieve with Hex World by creating an environment that could shift dynamically and in real time.

I am also a big fan of Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series, and wanted to try and capture the same satirical and imaginative world that he created. This light hearted approach to creating a world is also what drove me to design the world with such a vibrant colour pallet.

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Hex World is also a game I entered with a team in the Microsoft UK Imagine Cup Competition for 2016. We managed to make it through to the UK semi-finals, and then to the UK finals in Reading where we won after spending  a day presenting our game at a booth and making a 10 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges that included the head of id@xbox for Europe.

Link To Imagine Cup Team Page

Winner of Microsoft’s UK Imagine Cup Games Competition 2016

World Finalist of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2016

Our team was made of 4 people, from left to right in the picture below is Thomas Mahoney, Michael Harty, myself, and Ciaran Harty. I’ve listed who we are and the primary roles we performed during the development of the game for the imagine cup below. Links to there websites are also given where available.


Riccardo DeLuca (myself) – Game Designer, World Programmer, World Artist
Thomas Mahoney – Character Programmer, Character Artist
Ciaran Harty – Sound Designer and Programmer, UI Artist and Programmer
Michael Harty – AI programmer

This is a game I am continuing to develop and have put a lot of passion into creating. And I hope one day to bring it to market.